10000Hz High Frequency LiDAR Module

10000 Hz is one of our 2021 new solutions products,which can be widely used in drone postioning, car anti-collision, intelligent traffic monitoring etc. with high accuracy. We support customized service of different frequency(100hz,200hz,300hz,400hz,1000hz,5000hz,10000hz etc.), you can choose the suitable design. And the LiDAR module is a small size with 43*35*21mm, customers can be integrated to their measure device easily. If you meed any documents(PDF files etc.) of JRT high frequency LiDAR distance sensor, please contact us now.

Some key features may help:
Accuracy: ±3~5cm(<50m) /±1%(>50m)
Range: 0.1-200m
Resolution:  1cm
Frequency: 100/200/400/1k/5k/10khz
Laser type: 905nm,Class I
Size: 43*35*21mm
Weight: 20g
Input voltage: 8-36V

Contact Person: Amanda Cao



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