1000Hz High Frequency LiDAR System

JRT High Frequency Range LiDAR Sensor is 2021 new product, that's a low-cost tof sensor but High frequency (up to 1000Hz). With 5cm high accuracy, the LiDAR Module can measure 80m.

Why the 1000Hz High Frequency LiDAR System:
* Widely used in many industrial automation system, like, UAV, delivery van, anti-lock break system, construction automation,intelligent toy robots etc.
* Small size: 43*35*21mm, can be easily integrated
* Invisible laser design: the laser type is 905nm,Class I
* High Frequency: 1000hz/1khz
* Low power design

Chengdu JRT Main Ranging Modules: Industrial Laser Distance Sensor, Laser Distance Meter Module, Tof LiDAR Sensor.

Contact Person: Amanda Cao



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